Who is iDeology



It is more important to me to make an impact, than just to float on waves made by one.”

David Jackson (iDeoalogy)

David Jackson aka iDealogy was born in Clarendon Jamaica. 

Like many he was raised amongst music. “When living in Jamaica, especially the rural sides, it is hard not to see music as an important aspect to life. For many, music seems to be the only way of making a living, due to the lack of opportunities on this small island. Or some may rely on music just to cope. My father used it as many did, to celebrate and he loved to celebrate. His celebrations were so plentiful and grand, that he was considered a promoter of celebration, because he also made a change from it.”

David saw the impact that music had on the masses and he respected its power but did not realize how close he was to possessing such power. 

After school David Jackson entered the construction industry and was happy with it for a while until he started experimenting with music. His experimentations led to a local release of a dance hall anthem “One Big Family”. “One Big Family” was used as a theme in several dance promotions. David Jackson using the alias ID at the time saw that he helped foster the admiration of unity amongst dance hall goers, a lost theme at the time. 

Still toting music as a hobby in 2018, ID entered a popular song writing and performing contest in Jamaica, the Cultural Development Commission’s JCDC song contest and won in the Kingston and St. Andrew’s Big Stage Final. Feeling the command that he had over thousands of people and realizing he could have people recite words that he had written, ID set himself a mission. “With music I will inspire the doubtful, with lyrics I will encourage questions and with my persona I will spread joy.” Said David. He vowed to help others celebrate living as his father did while spreading his message. “I have so many things to say and music gives me the opportunity for it to be heard.”

His musical journey led him to veteran producer Steven Ventura were they worked on a sound to disseminate ID’s lyrics and bring life to his persona. Steven Ventura a seasoned recorder of live instruments describes the sound as “the modern meets the masters”. “Good Old fashion reggae music, spiced up with modern technology.

This era of David Jackson’s musical personality will be dubbed iDeology, where his performances are alive with messages to live by, music to rock to, and musicians to admire.

As quoted by Ideology, “My mission is my ideology and my ideology is my mission.”

iDeology’s mission begins with the release of his debut album “ID 2020 Perfect Vision” a mastery of merging sounds and lyrics.